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Know how many Calories your body needs daily

Step 1: calories Required

Diet includes knowing how many Calories you burn daily to know how much you need to eat daily. Understand how much you need to eat daily by using our proprietary calculator. You will quickly determine how many Calories you burn daily based upon "you" - your weight and your daily routine.

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Exercise to burn Calories

Step 2: calories burned

Exercise is equally as important and you need to make it a part of your life. Find out how many calories you burn daily - even if you don't exercise. As a member, you can do this using our proprietary calculator. Once you know how many Calories you burn daily, you will know how much you need to eat daily for your goals.

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Know your maximum heart rate

step 3: max heart rate

If you do not know your heart rate during your exercise you won't know if you are burning fat or muscle. Any activity that increases your hear rate over 65% of your maximum heart rate will NOT burn fat! Review our heart rate calculator to "know" when your body is no longer using fat for energy.

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Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

to many people means they are going to do something with their eating habits for a short period of time to attain a goal, usually to lose fat. A low fat diet should be considered how you eat every day so that you can maintain your weight and muscle - not something you do once in a while.

Your low fat diet will then need to change if you are trying to make changes to your current physical condition. Then, once you reach your goal(s) you will switch to how you need to eat in order to maintain. Once you understand and truly believe those statements, you will get into and retain a much more healthy body.

Your low fat diet plays a critical role in success of losing or gaining weight as well as increasing your muscle mass. If you are over 50 and think you can't gain muscle, or it's too difficult, or some other "excuse" because you have convinced yourself that your current state is as good as it gets, you are wrong. Even if you don't want to gain muscle you can still attain a physique of which to be proud with just eating properly and walking. View more...



encompasses a lot of wives tales and jargon, but you only need to know that it means you are doing "something" other than sitting...doing nothing. Your diet is not the only thing that you need to consider for changing or for maintaining. Exercise must also be what you incorporate with your diet in order to reach your goal(s) or to maintain when you are ready.

You do not need to lift heavy weights, but you should know that most people have lost a lot of muscle by doing nothing. It only takes 2 weeks "after" you stop lifting weights to begin losing any muscle you created during your weight lifting. A simple exercise is walking, and you most certainly can lose fat by just walking. Garrison Body can show you how to lose half a pound a day by just walking, and you don't have to walk like you are in a marathon.

If you have lost muscle you will see that by the "saggy skin" most people describe what they see on their body. There is no such thing as "saggy skin". You have either fat or muscle. If something is hanging or "sagging", it's fat. View more...



is not just eating vitamins or something other than simple foods. Nutrition is eating a proper combination of foods to satisfy the needs of your body. You can't force your body to be healthy with whatever you decide you want to eat. Your body doen't work that way.

You need to understand that your body requires specific nutrients, most of which come from everyday foods you can purchase at any grocer. In general, you don't need to eat things from specialty stores, or only organic foods. It's "better" to eat organic so that you don't get any of the things non-organic farms use to "enhance" their crops which are most certainly harmful to your body. But there are some foods that you can argue whether organic is better - very few, but there are some.

Nutrition is also something you won't turn to your general practitioner (regular doctor) for answers. The average physician in the U.S. has "less" than 2 weeks of training in nutrition - through most of their years of practice! So why do you keep asking your doctor to help you with your eating or exercise? They don't know! Read more... View more...



is a very generic term we use in describing what we feel describes our current physical condition. If your health is good, that would mean you eat right daily, exercise regularly (at least 3 days per week), keep your body fat below 20 percent, and assure you get very good vitamins from both your diet as well as supplements from Trader Joe's. Why not some other more popular brand? Because they are all...well...less than quality products, to put it nicely. You need quality formulas for supplements.

If your health is truly a primary concern for you, then you want quality foods and quality vitamin supplements. It should be understood that eating foods high in "whatever" is not enough for your body to get "all" the vitamins and minerals you need daily - regardless of how much fruits and vegetables you eat. It's not physically possible to ingest the amount of food daily from all the sources in order to meet your daily nutritional requirements. Everbody should be eating supplements daily. Read more... Read more... View more...

Healthy Cooking in our Men Cook section

healthy cooking

Garrison Body provides all the information you need. With the addition of the Men Cook section, you'll have videos to follow and great recipes anybody can make.  Inside Men Cook you will find recipes for nutritious, healthy and great tasting meals as well as baking Cheesecake, bread (wheat and white), Sourdough and so much more. Follow along with the Chef as he bakes and cooks up a storm.

Finally! One site with information that actually works! Videos of preparing great meals and exercises that allow me to reach my goals...uhm, work off the great recipes.

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